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tom cruise movies posters

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  • techlover828
    Jun 4, 04:39 PM
    Its an app called IntelliScreen and it allows you to glimpse at your critical data on your iPhone "Slide to Unlock" screen.

    nice, does it work on the ipod touch?

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  • angelwatt
    Feb 9, 06:13 PM
    One option to hunt down the slowness is YSlow (, a add-on for Firefox with Firebug. Safari's developer tools ( also have a section for analyzing the network traffic to see what specific items on your page are downloading slowly.

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  • Jessica Lares
    Aug 2, 09:37 PM
    Same thing.

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  • created for Tom Cruise,

  • vincenz
    May 3, 02:11 PM
    Isn't that system capable of 6GB or even 8GB ram?

    I would just upgrade and keep it if you can wait. If not, go ahead, but after you're done with design, you'll be looking to sell that for another system again. For the same $700, you can upgrade quite a bit with the current system.

    Yes, up to 8 GB. Even the 13" aluminum unibody MacBooks from late 2008 are capable of 8 GB.

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 28, 11:23 AM
    Hey guys, I know we have a lot of members here, but is there a master list somewhere? I know the main forum page shows you who is online at the time, but I was wanting to look up some other members and I'm not sure I remember their exact user name. A master alphabetical list would help me a lot, but I'm not sure if we have one. :confused:

    It was hidden some time ago as it takes a noticeable amount of time/CPU resource to generate and was getting hit a lot by various web spidering robots. It's still there if you know the URL...

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  • Moyank24
    Nov 4, 10:29 PM
    RIP Sparky.

    I'm too young to remember the Big Red Machine, but I have fond memories of growing up watching Sparky's Tigers play my Yanks.

    A sad day for baseball, indeed.

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  • Actors: Tom Cruise, Dakota

  • jdechko
    Jun 25, 01:29 PM
    The USB ports were set-up exactly the same in ALL the previous models. This isn't exactly newsworthy.

    Yeah, it's surprising that a Mac News site that's been around for a while didn't know this already.

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  • Cast: Tom Cruise, Dougray

  • TShirtJohn
    Feb 10, 05:49 AM
    Opened it up, plugged in the wire that was loose but it's not picking up bluetooth at all now :confused:

    I just got a wired keyboard out of the cupboard so it's not a huge problem at the moment but if I decide to change the hard drive then i'll try fixing the bluetooth then

    Cheers for the info & advice on that guys!

    On a plus side, I stuck 2 x 2GB sticks in the mac and I was told it could only see 3GB but it shows up 4GB? Does that mean it will use all 4GB or will it still only handle the 3GB even though it shows 4GB

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  • Unorthodox
    Oct 21, 06:58 PM
    Best I've seen yet. :D

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  • robbieduncan
    Dec 19, 08:48 AM
    Thank you, guys.
    Indded it seems that infrastracture for multiple simultaneous logins in place,
    but need some tweaking.
    Thanks for the pointing to fast user switching - will dig in this direction

    Not graphical ones: Quartz basically only expects one active user at a time

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  • Lycanthrope
    Jun 25, 05:11 AM
    So, anyone got plans to pass by Mobistar tomorrow morning?

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  • iluvifone
    Oct 24, 11:50 PM


    sorry nope.. it was made last week

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    Apr 27, 04:24 PM
    It's possible that it's a firewall problem on either your end or, more likely, the hospital's wifi. I can't offer any concrete reason why but a lot of public wifi's block things for one reason or another. It could easily be the case with whatever service provider you're trying to get emails from.

    So are there any settings or anything I can try to adjust from my end to see if that's the problem? I'm curious to know if it's my email server for some reason or if it's just the wifi network here at the hospital not allowing it. Ideally I'd like to find a solution.

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  • MacBytes
    Jun 29, 11:43 AM (

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: iPhone Antenna Problem Fuels Nokia (
    Description:: none

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • baummer
    Feb 17, 05:23 PM
    It would be far easier to bypass the router completely. What could be happening is that the router isn't able to (or needs to be refreshed) get internet information from your Mac. Login to your router and see what IP information it's pulling.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 6, 05:56 PM
    Lose the quirky look.. and maybe you might get some support :)

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  • The Last Samurai - Movie

  • Hans Brix
    Apr 13, 11:53 PM
    Giving it to your kids to play with...

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  • screeendoor
    Apr 30, 03:16 PM
    hi. like the title says, i spilled a little ketchup in the ear speaker of my iphone 4. of course i cleaned the ketchup out and when i got home i tried to clean it with rubbing alcohol at the end of a q-tip. but still at this point it's really really hard to hear anyone on the other end. so i'm pretty sure there's little tiny pieces of ketchup residue within the speaker. has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions as to what i should do? thank you in advance!

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  • ipacmm
    Oct 18, 02:39 PM
    OK, thanks. I might give it a try on my testing server to see if it really will fix the issues.

    Oct 27, 05:15 PM
    I'll have about 20 of the promo shirts from FastMac ( to give out. I'm supposed to be receiving the box today. I'll be there about 5:30.

    Thanks for the T-shirt!

    I was there, 6th in line. I saw a guy wearing a MR T-shirt about 10 places behind me in line, but didn't get a chance to say hi because we were too far away from each other and he was talking with three friends while in line, and after they opened the store things were kind of hectic. (Hi MR guy! Where did you get that T-shirt?)

    The people who were waiting in line around me for 2.5 hours were super, super nice.

    Sep 20, 09:54 AM
    currently living in Hanoi [don't pay attention at the location thing, it was updated weeks ago]... I don't think there is a vietnamese sattelite tv... there are currently 5 "channels" that is country-wide... VTV1,2,3 are the most common... VTV4 is for Vietnamese living in foreign countries and VTV5 is for ethnic groups... Inside news is that they're making a VTV6 for something... :o [was it marketing, advertising or some kind of shopping channel, didn't pay attention; anyhow, it's getting made] you can get foreign sattelite... quite a lot of it... if there any other question, just ask... maybe I'll take a trip to the broadcasting place to see VTV6 get made...

    Aug 2, 09:22 PM
    Yep, 24W, says on the side.

    Damn - I was hoping that'd be the problem. What if you try booting without the battery installed?

    Jul 24, 09:38 PM
    Hello everyone

    First of all I want to let everyone know that I'm not very familiar with OS X so please bare with me.

    I just got a Powerbook G4 15 1GHZ :D , this is my first apple notebook, last year I got the iMac as soon as they came out, and I have been using it for home use (office, internet browsing, cd burning, etc)

    At home I have DSL connection shared through a Windows XP and a Wireless network.
    I was able to set up the airport network and everything worked ok from home, file sharing, computer browsing, internet browsing.

    I took the computer to work where I am going to use the built ethernet, I gave the computer a fixed ip address, configured the DNS, the router but here is where my problems start, with the configuration I set up (basically the same as my home configuration) I am able to browse the network (windows domain computers), I am able to use MSN messenger (so I know I have internet access), I can ping any web addres (example, if I ping , I get the name resolved and get response from the server) but I cannot get the pages to load in safari, or internet explorer.

    Anyone out there have an idea?:confused:


    Angel Mora
    (you know what to change to get my email address)

    Dec 22, 06:31 AM
    Letting Android users access the iTunes music store would actually be a very good idea for Apple.

    If that happens I will be amazed. Android is so fragmented and un-secure, Apple would not release anything related to it. Im not saying that I wouldn't welcome iTunes for Android but I just cant see it ever happening.

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